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Daikin Comfort Experience Center

The Daikin Comfort Experience Center is Daikin’s state of the art heating and cooling systems solutions plaza and training facility in Long Island.


Daikin Comfort Experience Center

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Indoor Comfort Solutions

Customize Your Heating and Cooling System to Your Personal Home Comfort

As the #1 indoor comfort solutions provider in the world, Daikin is committed to providing heating and cooling comfort solutions responsibly. From single-zone systems to multi-zone and whole home comfort, Daikin has a wide range of energy efficient, inverter driven, air source heat pump and cooling only systems which can be customized to your personal level of comfort. Click below to learn more about our solutions.

Single Zone

Available in a variety of indoor unity styles and capacity ranges, single zone systems are ideal for room conversions, add-ons, and addressing troubles spots.

Featured Product

Offering a sophisticated solution for contemporary interiors, Daikin EMURA combines modern form and feature-rich functionality with individual comfort control.


Daikin multi-split systems provide individual room control for up to eight zones with one outdoor unit to maximize comfort and energy savings in a space-saving design.

Featured Product

Designed to provide enhanced capacity in cold climates, Daikin AURORA can connect up to four indoor units to a single outdoor unit and deliver up to 100% heating capacity down to 5º F.

Whole House

Whether you are replacing an outdated system or building a new home, Daikin offers flexible, energy efficient whole home solutions in both ducted and ductless configurations.

Featured Product

With the ability to connect to ducted solutions traditional to the unitary market, Daikin Fit offers a slim, space-saving, inverter driven system when a traditional cube style cannot fit.

Outstanding Warranties and Savings

Make the Upgrade to Your Perfect Comfort More Affordable

Utility Rebates and Warranty

Find available rebate programs on select products in your area and take advantage of our outstanding warranty.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

Learn how much you may save when you replace your traditional heating and cooling system with an inverter driven heat pump.

Tax Credits and Rebates

The Inflation Reduction Act 2022 provides tax credits and rebates for homeowners upgrading to a high efficiency HVAC system.

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Take Your Next Step in Home Comfort

Our Daikin Comfort Pro and Ductless Design Pro Dealers are always on call to assist you with quotes, maintenance, repairs and anything else you would need. Get started with us by using our dealer locator and connect with an expert now.

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News and Events

What is happening at the Daikin Comfort Experience Center

Upcoming Events

Science Workshop for Children

June 27, 2024 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.
Be a scientist with Mad Science team!

Yoga for Beginners

May 8, 2024 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. Join with us and calm your mind :)

Daikin Comfort Experience Center

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